Entering the Awards

Entry format



Entries should be a minimum of 1,600 words (800 words minimum for question 1 and 2). 
There is no upper limit, however, entrants may include supplementary information or materials as necessary to support their pitch.

The inclusion of third-party references is strongly encouraged.

Entrants should seek to answer the basic questions:
1. Please illustrate, giving specific examples, how your firm has demonstrated excellence in its field?

2. Please illustrate, again giving specific examples, how your firm meets the criteria laid out for your chosen category or categories?
You can attach additional sheets or marketing information as necessary to support your pitch. 



The Operational Risk Awards honour excellence in op risk management, regulation and risk management service provision.

The awards are divided up into practitioner and vendor categories. Practitioner categories, which include op risk management awards for banks, asset managers and insurers, will be judged by a panel of senior journalists. The journalists will undertake extensive due diligence, including follow-up interviews with the firms involved.

Vendor categories, which include awards for law firms, consultancies and technology providers, will be judged by a carefully selected panel of op risk practitioners and other industry experts.

In all cases, judges will consider the extent to which each entrant has demonstrated excellence and met the criteria laid out for the category or categories entered. While judges will analyse firms' entries in detail, judges are allowed to make their final decisions based on all the information at their disposal and not solely the information contained in the entry.

In some cases, judges may decide that a particular nominee is better suited for a category other than the one that was originally entered. Judges may move entries from one category to another at their discretion.

All of the awards will be determined according to these two methods, with the exception of Paper of the Year and Book of the Year. Instead, these prizes are judged by the editorial staff of the Journal of Operational Risk and Risk Books, respectively, who will each recognise an outstanding contribution to the field from the previous year.

Interviews with all winners will feature in a special awards supplement, to be published in July.